Short “Truth or Die” to be produced–in Sweden!

Hey everybody,

My short screenplay “Truth or Die” just got picked up to be produced in Sweden for a young director named Tom Grejs, a sports and commercial director. Says Tom, “I grew up and have lived in Falun, a small town around 25,000 habitants in the middle of Sweden. I was kind of always been into filmmaking, starting with me and my pals shooting each other in the local ski area skiing and snowboarding when we were young. Continued with lots of action sport photography over the years. Some smaller shorts, but nothing serious. Few years later got into a film school here in Falun (where I am studying right now), and did my first real short. Now I’m just finished shooting the latest short, “Jerusalem”, about a kidnapped princess in the 11th century. Shoot completely in a green screen studio, and with backgrounds from a trip to Morocco, Africa. Started my own production company, Scout Film, a few years back. Doing mostly commercials and editing/post production work, and it’s my primary living. The short, Truth or Die, will be the same movie as written, just translated into Swedish. The Swedish name for Truth or Die is “Sanning eller död”. The Producing Company will be my own, Scout Film, with financials from local contributions. The movie itself is not too hard to shoot technically. It’s just the final images that will be a little tricky, but with all my experiences from the last short I think it will work out well on the green screen. Hopefully it will premiere on the local film festival “Dalecarlian Film festival” in September, and then be subtitled and showed all around the world.” Good luck Tom!

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