“Truth or Die” at the Sacramento International Film Festival

 Happy to announce that my short “Truth or Die”, which has been translated in Swedish and produced by director Tom Grejs, will have its U.S. debut screening at the Sacramento International Film Festival on Saturday, April 16, at 12 noon. Details for the event are here and what’s extra super cool is that the festival used a screenshot of the film (which, by the way, is called “Sanning Eller Död” in Swedish) on the main festival page to introduce the International Shorts category (it’s the 5th photo in the slideshow.) Ah, the little triumphs are important too. So I’m jazzed and trying to get up there for the night. Anyone wanna have a slumber party with 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a leopard gecko named Kyle? Heh heh, that one never gets old.

Finally, Some News!


Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay in posting–there just wasn’t any good news worth mentioning for the longest time. You know how the holidays are, but the good-news dry spell lasted a lot longer and frankly, I was getting bummed. Fortunately things seems to be picking up and I have a few small but significant news items: “Heart Says It All”, directed by David Eagle, was selected to screen at the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival, running March 11-13. David has also agreed to direct another short of mine called “Mother’s Day” sometime this year, so I’m really excited. The short “Sanning Eller Död” (“Truth or Die”), directed by Swede Tom Grejs and translated into that language, will have its U.S. screening premiere at the Sacramento International Film Festival running April 2-15. Lastly, the short “Let Us Prey”, which has been shuffled around to several directors over the last few months, now seems to have a home with director Matthew Brewer, who plans to go into production sometime this Spring. All in all, a good bunch of news after a long, cold winter.

Talent Spotlight: Composer Christoffer Sandberg

 Tonight I want to throw the spotlight on Christoffer Sandberg, a highly talented and ambitious musician and songwriter who lives in Sweden but has composed music for film and TV projects all over the world.  He recently wrote the music for “Sanning eller Död” (Truth or Die), the short film that Swedish director Tom Grejs translated and produced from my screenplay.

Says Christoffer (who speaks fluent English), “I’ve always been fascinated by films and the way great ones seems to interact effortlessly between screenplay, directors vision, acting and the mood of the music, which altogether enhances each other to create something greater.  The first thing that comes naturally when I compose is a certain mood, a mood which then leads to melodic and harmonic textures.”

Christoffer attended the Malmö Academy of Music in Southern Sweden and holds a Master of Music degree.  He also majored in Jazz piano as well as minored in Classical Piano and Music Composition.  After a decade of composing for his own groups, he decided last year to focus solely on composing for film and TV.  Since then, he’s signed with a handful of worldwide music publishers and has composed several albums.  

 “Before seeing ‘Sanning eller Död’ the first time, director Tom Grejs told me to create and interpret it in my own way, which was great since the film really grabbed me, both emotionally and musically.  I tried to create a certain mood and to let the music breath in same pace as the dialogue, but at same time leave enough space to really let the story of the film be told.  The music should serve the drama in film and not overshadow the story.”

Please check out Christoffer’s website at www.christoffersandberg.com . He has a short clip from “Sanning eller Död” and although the dialogue is in Swedish, you’ll be able to hear part of Christoffer’s amazing, emotive score and see the high production value this film holds.  Once the story is sub-titled in English, it will begin what we hope to be a long and successful festival run!

Hott off the Presses: “Sanning eller död” (Truth or Die)

The short film by Swedish director Tom Grejs is complete, shot and produced over this summer from my short screenplay. “Sanning eller död”, “Truth or Die” in English, is the story of Martina (Moa Johansson) and Viktor (Christoffer Lehman) — two kids who both find themselves on a steep cliff overlooking the Swedish mountainside. He’s distraught, almost suicidal; she’s curious and offers to play a game with him, “Truth or Lie.” Forced by the rules to the game to confront the circumstances that brought both Viktor and Martina to the top of that cliff, the two teenagers tangle dangerously on the edge as the game changes from Truth or Lie… to Truth or Die.

Martina and Viktor meet on the precipice of a cliff
In the game they play, Truth or Lie, you must throw away an article of clothing for every lie you tell.
Desperation makes the game change... to Truth or Die.
What happens next is unspeakable.

Tom plans to submit “Sanning eller död” to festivals in Sweden and thereabouts; he also plans to sub-title a version that can be submitted to U.S. festivals. This newest film release brings me up to 4 short films that will be making the rounds in the circuit over the next year, and my plan is to travel and promote these films as much as I can afford to. Hopefully, it will bring me in touch with other filmmakers (and those who love them) for all-new projects including webisodes and features.

Pics from Swedish production of “Truth or Die”

Just don’t forget, in Sweden it’s called “Sanning eller död”.  Director Tom Grejs sent me these pics last night. He mentioned that his team has completed most of the shooting and post-production will begin next week, with completion scheduled for late August. The first picture features make-up artist  Helen Torsgårde with Karin Meiton and actress Moa Johansson.  The second pic on the cliff features actor Christoffer Lehmann, Moa Johansson, director Tom Grejs, sound guy Stefan Daniels and script supervisor Sara Åhnström. Good luck everyone, and thanks for your hard work!!