Screenwriting Portfolio

Graphic Spread for BlogHappy Wednesday! I’ve been working on a screenwriting portfolio, a document that gives an overview of my completed feature screenplays including loglines, summaries and sample scenes from each screenplay. I’ve also included some graphics I’ve put together to help visualize the story. I’m not a graphic artist so please don’t measure the quality of the writing by the artwork!

James Tuverson Writing Portfolio

Happy New Year.

JT Headshot June 2016
James Tuverson, June 2016


Yeah, I know. It’s not really an official New Year, but hopefully for me, it’ll be a New Start. I look back at all the times over the past few years that I resolved to keep up with this blog, resolved to keep the content consistent and interesting, and every time I failed to do that. But every time I also came back and tried it again, and that’s what I’m doing now.

When I started this blog it was all about my projects in entertainment. I’m probably not gonna write so much about that now because nothing ever happened with any of them and I’m gonna have to find some new passions to grip me and keep me going. Oh, and I need to make a living so there’s that I need to deal with. So who knows what I’m gonna be writing about from here on out. The blog posts of mine that have gotten the most views seem to do with “Following Your Dreams” and “Never Give Up”, so I’ll probably throw a few of those in there. But I guess I’ll also need to figure out a Dream for me to Follow and Never Give Up on.

Rampin’ Up: “Mother’s Day” Almost Here!

The short film “Mother’s Day” is almost finished! We’re just finalizing the music, composed by Emmy-Award winning composer Dean Grinsfelder, who’s done a ton of feature films–we are so grateful to have his talents on board! Dean’s website is so go check out this guy’samazing scope of work! The film itself will be finished within a couple weeks. Here’s a final version of the poster, just in time for Mother’s Day!

It’s been too long–but updates coming soon!

Hey Everybody,
Sorry for the absence but I have been dealing with a nasty bacterial invasion in my gut that sent me to the hospital via ambulance on Monday morning and holed me up there ’till yesterday on a water-and-water diet and a¬†morphine drip. You know it’s bad when the hospital admits you. I’m slowly getting back to speed which is good because I have a whole lotta things to talk about in the blog to show my projects in various stages of production as well as my “Top Ten Items the Budget Film Maker Needs To Be Taken Seriously.” It’s an annual list that I’m starting this year, and includes a lot of the gear I have in my kit as well as a couple things I’ll have to starting earning some money before I can acquire. In any case, I’m back and I have a ton of things to post.