It’s been too long–but updates coming soon!

Hey Everybody,
Sorry for the absence but I have been dealing with a nasty bacterial invasion in my gut that sent me to the hospital via ambulance on Monday morning and holed me up there ’till yesterday on a water-and-water diet and a morphine drip. You know it’s bad when the hospital admits you. I’m slowly getting back to speed which is good because I have a whole lotta things to talk about in the blog to show my projects in various stages of production as well as my “Top Ten Items the Budget Film Maker Needs To Be Taken Seriously.” It’s an annual list that I’m starting this year, and includes a lot of the gear I have in my kit as well as a couple things I’ll have to starting earning some money before I can acquire. In any case, I’m back and I have a ton of things to post.

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