How I Deal with Rejection

  1. I read the rejection letter.  They all sound the same, using the exact same words– “I hope you find the right home for your writing.  Good luck.”   Whatevs.
  2. I feel bad. Frustrated. And sorry for myself.  Poor me.  Then… I feel proud. Sure, I got rejected, but I still put my stuff out there. I still gave it a shot. You can’t win if you don’t play.
  3. I take a breath.  I try to remember to keep doing that, over and over.
  4. I say to the rejection letter: “Screw you. You don’t know what you’re missing.  And you won’t make me give up, either.”
  5. I place the rejection letter on a stack of other rejections.  When the stack gets to be 8 12 15 20 inches high, I know I’ve suffered enough.
  6. I sit down and write some more.  And some more.  And a little more on top of that.  No one can stop me, no one. It’s my pleasure.  It’s my pain.  It’s mine.
  7. I silently rehearse what I’m going to say to the Academy or Hollywood Foreign Press should I ever be called up to accept an award.  It could happen; when is does, I’ll be ready.
  8. I write some more.  I keep a note pad by the toilet so no time is idle.
  9. I remember that it doesn’t matter if I never sell anything.  I still have to write, for my own survival.  It’s an addiction, like coffee.  Or heroin.  For me, it’s more like coffee.  But a little like heroin, too.
  10. Repeat until dead.

How do YOU deal with rejection?

Don’t You DARE Give Up, Part 3


I gotta remind myself of this every day, through all the bullshit and the worries, through all the triumphs and the tribulations, through all the near-misses and the hidden treasures. And guess what… I’m reminding you, too. If you need to talk, no matter when, no matter how often, you call me. I got your back. And I’m Not. Letting. You. Go.

2011: New Year, New Opportunities

Hey Everybody,

Happy New Year! 2010 was an eventful year for me, full of accomplishments and a bunch of challenges as well. I am so happy and proud that I got four of my short screenplays produced, including my first self-directed effort “Zombies Take The Schoolyard”. “Heart Says It All” was directed by Emmy Award Winning director David Eagle and I am pleased to say it looks like we will work together on another project in 2011. “Hours Before” was successful at getting into some great film festivals, mainly due to the celebrity of director Joel David Moore (co-star of “Avatar”.) Even “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” got into several cool fests, from Hollywood’s SHOCKFEST to Washington D.C.’s Spooky Movie Independent Horror Film Festival, so I can honestly say my first short film screened coast-to-coast! It was awesome to have my short screenplay “Truth or Die” translated into Swedish, “Sanning Eller Död”, and directed by Tom Grejs. One of my biggest successes of last year was winning 1st Place in the screenplay competition at the Colorado Film Festival with my feature script, “My Dirty Secrets”. That story also finaled in a few other notable contests so it’s nice to get a little recognition. Even my newest feature screenplay “The McSatans” got into the finals round of a few competitions, so that’s something to be proud of. My goal for this year is to go from being un-repped and unemployed to being a working writer, that is, a writer who actually gets paid to write. 2011 is going to be even better than 2010 and I’m not giving up. I hope you all have a happy and prosperous New Year and thanks for taking the time to read this.