Finding Meaning and Purpose

Love this quote from Pablo Picasso, but…


…what’s kinda ironic is that Mr. Picasso never “gave it away”; he was a renowned (and therefore well-paid) artist throughout his entire life, unlike other artists who struggled unrecognized throughout their lives and didn’t become “famous” ’til years they were in the grave.

The sentiment is solid, though.

Be happy when you find your gift. Be gratified when you can give it away to others. But be very, very grateful when you can make a living with your gift.

Never Give Up

I’m coming back, and I’m stronger than ever. I’ve tried being a lot of things over the past few years– a single father, a screenwriter, a film producer and a marketing guru, just to name a few. I’ve succeeded on some levels and I’ve totally missed the mark on others. But goddammit, I’ve never given up trying and I’m not going to stop now. So I’m re-igniting my blog, my place to write about stuff that matters to me, and maybe it’s stuff that matters to other people too but I’m not writing for them. I stopped writing for a long time. And now, today, July 14, 2015, I’m starting again.

Because I am a writer.  And writing it what writers do.

A New Beginning: Tuesday, May 13, 2014

JT January 2014It’s been a long time since I rock & rolled. My deepest apologies to my 5-6 blog fans who haven’t seen a fresh post from me since sometime in 2012. A lot has happened in that time, but candidly, not a lot that’s worth posting on this blog. So instead of remaining in the past, I now am firmly rooted in the present, and looking forward to the future.

I’m dusting off this tired old blog and earnestly plan to begin posting regularly again. Trying to make a living independently in the entertainment business has been a hard road. I’ve worked with honest, talented people and I’ve been ripped off by unethical crooks. I’m learning how to differentiate the two, though, and hopefully my best years are ahead of me.

I’m gonna do my best to make this blog an compelling read, combining updates on my own efforts with reblogs and other content that people who love filmmaking might find interesting. As always, I appreciate feedback and advice.

Thanks for reading.