The Incredible “Retracting Zombie Jaws”

One of the “stars” of the short film “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” is a set of Retracting Zombie Jaws that cause innumerable problems for the teenage heroes. Yes, the Zombies in this film have a genetic mutation a la “Aliens”, where their zombie jaws can extend out of their mouths to bite an unsuspecting victim. Here’s the history of the jaws effect, and if you wanna see the jaws in action, check out the complete 10-minute short film by clicking here!

Announcement– There are Zombies at the Schoolyard!

When it rains, it pours. But watch out, that acid rain thunderstorm you got caught in has turned everyone into Zombies!! I am going to direct a short film of my own with my colleagues at WebovisionTV entitled “Zombies Take The Schoolyard.” 

It’s a <10 minute comedy-horror piece that follows the exploits of two high school kids who find themselves trapped in a maintenance closet at school after the Zompocalypse finally comes. Yeah, yeah, I know, 2 kids in a room… can’t I write anything else? Maybe. But for right now, I’ve converted my back garage into a school janitor’s closet so I can control everything. I’ll be using my Canon HFS100 HD with a sweet Jag35 Pro depth-of-field adapter and documenting the entire process (if the devil in my guts will comply) right here, including pre- and post-production. If all goes well, maybe I’ll figure out how to re-arrange the garage for the sequel, “Zombies Take the Stripmall” or perhaps the brandable offering, “Zombies Take Burger King”.” Staytuned!!