“My Dirty Secrets” Top Ten at the Flagstaff Film Festival

Hey all, here’s all the news I have right now: my feature screenplay “My Dirty Secrets” made the Top Ten at the Flagstaff Film Festival, announcement here. This story was also a finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival earlier this year.   I just got the first viewing of the completed short “Heart Says It All” by director David J Eagle and it looks GREAT! I will try to post some visuals as soon as I can. No word yet on how “Let Us Prey” is doing with director Matt J Brewer, but Honolulu-based director Shawn Booth is optioning a short of mine called “Loose Lips”. More on this as it firms up. BTW, I’m single now, moving into an apartment (trying to find one that’ll accept me, an unemployed filmmaker, and three dogs) and I’m going on a cruise next week to decompress.