The Incredible “Retracting Zombie Jaws”

One of the “stars” of the short film “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” is a set of Retracting Zombie Jaws that cause innumerable problems for the teenage heroes. Yes, the Zombies in this film have a genetic mutation a la “Aliens”, where their zombie jaws can extend out of their mouths to bite an unsuspecting victim. Here’s the history of the jaws effect, and if you wanna see the jaws in action, check out the complete 10-minute short film by clicking here!

Zombies: Make-Up/Effects Artist Needed

I need a talented make-up artist or two to help us make up five high school age kids who will be zombies in the film. Everything will be rehearsed and filmed in a single location in West Los Angeles near the Santa Monica Airport. Experience doesn’t matter, but I prefer somone who has experience with professional quality make-up, prosthetics and blood effects. This is a no-budget 6 minute short so there’s no pay, but I will purchase all the materials needed for excellent make-up based on your recommendation. I’m documenting the entire process of directing this film here on my blog, so if you want to check out who I am and what I’m doing, go ahead and look around (nothing’s breakable.) ┬áIf you help with this project, I’ll promote you and your involvement feverishly, along with delicious, wholesome-yet-tasty meals on shoot days April 2-3, credit and web presence so you’ll always be able to point people to your work on the web. Reach me at with credentials, availability and if possible, samples where I can see your work online, Zombie or not. Thanks everybody.