Hott off the Presses: “Sanning eller död” (Truth or Die)

The short film by Swedish director Tom Grejs is complete, shot and produced over this summer from my short screenplay. “Sanning eller död”, “Truth or Die” in English, is the story of Martina (Moa Johansson) and Viktor (Christoffer Lehman) — two kids who both find themselves on a steep cliff overlooking the Swedish mountainside. He’s distraught, almost suicidal; she’s curious and offers to play a game with him, “Truth or Lie.” Forced by the rules to the game to confront the circumstances that brought both Viktor and Martina to the top of that cliff, the two teenagers tangle dangerously on the edge as the game changes from Truth or Lie… to Truth or Die.

Martina and Viktor meet on the precipice of a cliff
In the game they play, Truth or Lie, you must throw away an article of clothing for every lie you tell.
Desperation makes the game change... to Truth or Die.
What happens next is unspeakable.

Tom plans to submit “Sanning eller död” to festivals in Sweden and thereabouts; he also plans to sub-title a version that can be submitted to U.S. festivals. This newest film release brings me up to 4 short films that will be making the rounds in the circuit over the next year, and my plan is to travel and promote these films as much as I can afford to. Hopefully, it will bring me in touch with other filmmakers (and those who love them) for all-new projects including webisodes and features.

Hott Off the Presses: “Heart Says It All”

Got my final DVD of David Eagle’s short film which I wrote, “Heart Says It All”, a 5-minute expose’ and what really happens when you mess around with those chalky little candy hearts with the cute sayings on them.  Another solid festival candidate to show what we can do! UPDATE 8/29/10: IMDB Page for “Heart Says It All” here.

Ali Eagle & Matt McCollum play lovers with issues


No dialogue, just candy
This sweet treat doesn't pull any punches
Trouble for those who mess with candy (and the ones they love)