Heart Says It All: Actors

Just want to give a shout out to two very talented actors who are starring in “Heart Says It All”, Ali Eagle and Matt 

Ali Eagle

 McCollum. Ali Eagle’s film experience includes “Beethoven’s Big Break”, “A Day In The Sand”, “Mary’s Visit” and “The Chase”. Theatre credits include  “Tisch Twisted” (“Hair”/Spring Awakening), “The Battle of Bull Run Always Makes Me Cry” , “Chorus Line” and “Dancing At Lughnasa”. She currently studies acting at New York University.  Matt McCollum’s TV credits include “Judging Amy” and “Threshold”.  Theater credits include “The Shadow Box”, “Angels in America:  Millennium Approaches”, “The Real Thing”, “My Fair Lady”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Carousel”.  He is currently studies at Yale University. Congratulations on the upward trajectory of your creative careers and thanks for being a part of this project!

Matt McCollum
Ali and Matt in "Heart Says It All"


Moments Before Assault with Deadly Confection

More from “Heart Says It All”

Hey everybody!
I got some more pics and details on the making of “Heart Says It All”, the short that I wrote which was filmed by director David Eagle in early January. I mentioned that David is an Emmy Award winning director, who also directed many episodes of Babylon 5. Complete details on David’s career can be downloaded here–> DAVID J EAGLE so I am pretty excited that David’s chosen this story. We used his home for locations and it was a real family event because his daught Ali played the lead Girl (she’s an actress studying at NYU) and his son Jesse was the DoP (he’s studying film making.) I can’t neglect to mention that David’s wife Nancy helped out too, but she’s a VP on the biz side at Universal so this is definitely not her new gig! We did this shoot over a weekend and it was phenomenal. David and I have a couple other projects up our collective sleeves so let’s see if he lets me post info as it becomes available…

Jesse, David and Ali Eagle on location
Jesse & David Eagle with actor Matthew McCollum
Great top down view of the living room set. 1Kw rifa 88 softbox, too!