Magazine Articles (Trade & Consumer)

Spring 1998– Internet Marketing and Technology Report —  “Boutiques Bagging The Big Biz– Interactive Firms Secure National Accounts”          (2 part article)

Spring 1998– The A-Z Encyclopedia of 20th Century Music (Contributor) — Published by Brown Packaging Partworks, London

Spring 1998– Sticks & Mallets — “Getting in Touch with Earth, Wind and Fire” (Feature Interview)

Spring/Summer 1998– Saxophone Journal — “Jumpin’ Off with Richard Elliot” (Feature Interview)

January 1998– Internet Marketing and Technology Report — “Online Game Sites Focus on Web Revenue”

October 1997– Internet Marketing and Technology Report-  – “ESPN SportsZone Makes the Case for Community”

September 1997– Internet Marketing and Technology Report — “Entertainment Industry Finally Sees Dollars from the Internet”

August 1997– Internet Marketing and Technology Report — “PR and the Internet– Making It Work, Making It Pay”

June 1996– Business Santa Monica — “What Do You Want From Us?” (Column)

May 1996– Business Santa Monica — “Gleaning Opportunities from the Media” (Column)

April 1996– Business Santa Monica — “Determining Your Communications Audience” (Column)

March 1996– Business Santa Monica — “Spreading the Word” (Column)

February 1996– Business Santa Monica — “Do You Need Public Relations?” (Column)

September 1995– The Network News — “New Media Alternatives: Creating a Custom Online Forum”

March 1995– Brentwood News — “The Day the Jury Came to Brentwood”

Jan 1995– The Network News  “MacWorld 1995: A Grand Safari”

December 1994– The Network News — “Getting It Online: A Publicist’s Contact Sheet”

September 20, 1994– Music Connection MagazineTaking IT On The Road (Feature Article)

May 9, 1994– Music Connection Magazine — “A Guide to Getting Product Endorsements” (Feature Article)

March 1994– Virtual Alternative MagazineVirtual Alternative (Feature Article)

December 7, 1993– Music Connection Magazine — “John Gorka” (Artist Review), “The New Orleans Nightcrawlers” (Artist Review)

August 31, 1993– Music Connection Magazine“Billy Goat” (Artist Review)

August 15, 1993– Music Connection Magazine“Mesheen” (Artist Review), “Robbie Longley” (Artist Review), “The Wright Brothers” (Artist Review)

May 22, 1993– Cash Box Magazine “Getting A Grip on Aerosmith”

May 8, 1993– Cash Box Magazine “A Conversation with Edward Bennett of VH-1: The Balance of Art and Commerce”

April 12, 1993– Music Connection Magazine “Bloodline” (Artist Review)

February 1, 1993– Music Connection Magazine

October 12, 1992– Music Connection Magazine “Silhouette” (Album Review)

July 1992– URB Magazine”James Brown Honored at Hollywood’s ROCK WALK”

July 1992– The Noise“Alive at Night: A Teen Guide to Live Music in Los Angeles”