This is not an complete listing of my work, just a cross section.  Details on these projects can be found throughout this website.  Thanks for taking a look!

Produced Short Films & Videos

Produced Web Series

Shorts (Scripts)

Blog  Posts

Here are some of my favorite posts from my personal Blog, which I’ve had for over 6 years. I have also contributed regularly to the SHOCKBOX TV Blog, but I ceased writing for that a couple years ago.  Those posts were mainly re-gurges of press releases I received from bands so I’m not reprinting any of them here.



Powerpoint Presentations

I’ve developed literally hundreds of Powerpoint presentations over my career; most were proprietary work product.  Here are a few of my favorites that I can share:

Business Proposals

Press Releases

I’ve written hundreds of press releases in my career and worked with PR Newswire for digital propagation.

Packaging Copy

Published Magazine Articles


  • MS Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint)
  • Adobe Creative Suite CC (Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, InDesign)
  • Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-In)
  • Content Management Systems: WordPress and Drupal
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Photography and DSLR Film Production (Canon 60D and Canon HFS100)
  • 3-Point Lighting
  • Final Draft & Tagger
  • Power Production StoryBoard Artist
  • Gorilla Film Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Speak Conversational German