Scriptapalooza Alumni Video Coolness

Video "Scriptapalooza Alumni"

Hey, just a cool little thing, Scriptapalooza included me on a video montage they did of some of their alumni, past winners and finalists. Scriptapalooza is pretty renowned for being an awesome screenwriting competition and most people in the Biz have heard of them, so I’m proud to be a past semi-finalist with my script, “My Dirty Secrets.” You can check out the video by going to Scriptapalooza and clicking on “Alumni Video.” Anyway, I take any recognition I can get, so I’m grateful the folks at Scriptapalooza for making my day.

Submitting “My Dirty Secrets” to Film Independent’s Director’s Lab

  Hey Everybody,

I’m going to submit my feature screenplay “My Dirty Secrets” to Film Independent’s Directors Lab. For those who don’t know, Film Independent is one of the most well-known organizations for filmmakers. They put on the annual Independent Spirit Awards and also the Los Angeles Film Festival. The submission package is due in early October, so I have a couple weeks to put it together. I’m going to post all the elements here so you can see how I approach getting into the Director’s Lab and my vision for directing my first feature film. Every year, FIND chooses up to 8 feature screenplays to participate in the Director’s Lab, submitted by people who hope to make the scripts into films as directors. Usually the submitting director is also the writer, but not always. I’d be interested to see what percentage of directors also write their screenplays. If the script is chosen, the director participates in workshopping his/her script with experts from FIND as well as other director participants. FIND also provides cameras and some equipment so that short scenes from the script can be filmed. This resulting footage can be used to help sell others on the
director’s vision and hopefully raise financing to complete the film. More on this as I get the elements ready to submit, so stay tuned!

“My Dirty Secrets” a semi-finalist at the Rhode Island Int’ Film Fest

It’s in the top 30, details here, which is pretty good because it’s a popular contest that usually gets hundreds of screenplay entries per year. I’ll keep ya posted to see how far up the ranks we can go with this one! UPDATE: The script also got into the top 65 at the Golden Brad Awards, details here. UPDATE 10/21: Moved up to Top 50 at Golden Brads. UPDATE 11/14: Made Top 30 Golden Brad Awards.