Scriptapalooza Alumni Video Coolness

Video "Scriptapalooza Alumni"

Hey, just a cool little thing, Scriptapalooza included me on a video montage they did of some of their alumni, past winners and finalists. Scriptapalooza is pretty renowned for being an awesome screenwriting competition and most people in the Biz have heard of them, so I’m proud to be a past semi-finalist with my script, “My Dirty Secrets.” You can check out the video by going to Scriptapalooza and clicking on “Alumni Video.” Anyway, I take any recognition I can get, so I’m grateful the folks at Scriptapalooza for making my day.

Birth of a Production Company: Roughsketch Films

I’ve finally done it–I’ve established my own production company, Roughsketch Films. I’m excited as all get-out about the project and will be documenting the entire adventure right here on my trusty blog for all to see and read about. Roughsketch Films will produce and distribute content for the Internet on a dedicated video channel, launching with comedy shorts developed by a sketch comedy troupe I’ve assembled. After weeks of auditions and interviews, I’ve found an amazing group of talented actors and writers willing to combine forces, work with available (highly limited) resources and see if we can create an entertainment brand that’s a little better than anything else out there. I’ve kept it kinda quiet ’til now, watching and waiting to see if there were any convenient reasons for me to back out and forget this entirely… and damn if things just didn’t keep getting better and more interesting where I’ve decided to dive in head-first and see where this goes. We’re planning our first productions in November and the key will be to build an infrastructure where we can create content CONSISTENTLY: our working mantra will be “Write in a Week, Film in a Day, Get It Up on The Web”. I’ll let you in on the whole process I’m going through, from setting up the LLC and learning the ropes of running a company to profiling some of the amazing, highly-talented people I’ve been lucky enough to convince to give this a try. I’ll discuss the in’s and out’s of building and promoting an Internet Video Channel–yes, YouTube is the big one but there are numerous others filling the competitive landscape. I’ll document the process of building and establishing the brand, as well as keeping it alive through website presence and social marketing. It’s a big job, but with my team by my side, I’m ready to take it on. So stand by… Roughsketch Films is On The Air!  And PS: This is my 100th Blog Post. Whoo Hoo!

The Film Festival Survival Kit for “Heart Says It All”

Back by popular demand, I’m posting the latest edition of the “Film Festival Survival Kit” in preparation for the DC Shorts Film Festival.  Director David Eagle and I are traveling to Washington DC this weekend, and our short film “Heart Says It All” is screening THREE times over the next week, details here on the DC Shorts website.  We’re really excited!  I looked all over the place for those chalky candy hearts so we could give them away as promotional items, but of course it’s the wrong time of year so I didn’t find any.  I am hoping our iconic “WTF?” heart (it’s a scene from the movie which I’ve emblazoned on a T-shirt) will draw some attention and inspire people to check out the film.  ANYTHING to stand out from the crowd! Anyway, the Film Festival Survival Kit’s supposed to be a kinda funny but it’s important to remember little things like bringing an extra exhibition copy of your film on DVD in case the festival’s copy gets screwed up (it happens regularly.)  I also always bring a Quicktime movie of the film I’m showing on a USB drive in case someone wants to check it out on their computer (you can make DVD’s for anyone who wants them with the QT movie, too.)  And of course, lots of breath fresheners! And a bunch of clean t-shirts, I go through about 6 a day when I’m at a festival. And Tums, don’t get me started on those. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything! UPDATE 9/8/11: Here’s the 1-Sheet I’ve created for the event, to give out to media or anyone else who wants all the info on the project in one place.

Just click on the pic to ENLARGE!

Indie Film Investment Proposal for “The Hours Before”

Front Cover of the Investment Proposal

Hey Everybody, I thought I’d share one of the tools I’ve developed to help get my scripts developed. Filming shorts or scenes from feature-length stories can be very helpful in raising funds and getting people to share in your vision—critical to success in making movies. My short screenplay “The Hours Before” was produced twice: once in 2006 with director Ken Maskrey; the second production was with “Avatar” co-star Joel David Moore (“Dr. Norm Spellman”) as director and co-writer. Both are completely different stories, both good in their own way. I wrote a feature-length screenplay of the story and need funding in order to make it, so I created a Film Investment Proposal with my producing partner Sebastian Twardosz. Sebastian teaches a class at USC and let his students download a copy of the plan to use as a template. So I’m gonna share it HERE with you for the same reason. I used snapshots from one of the productions to make it look more visually appealing.  Lots of people differ in the categories that should be included in a film investment proposal, but the ones we’ve included seem universally acceptable. Take a look and as always, I’d love to hear your comments below. BTW, I’m still trying to make the feature-length version of “The Hours Before” a reality so if you like the ideas in the proposal, please help me put it together!

The Director’s Film Festival Survival Kit

Exciting weekend coming up… my short film “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” is screening twice, at opposite ends of the country! On Friday October 22 at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, and on Sunday October 24 at the Washington D.C. International Horror Film Festival. I’ll be able to attend the Sacramento show but not the Washington D.C. screening, unfortunately. But it’s my first film fest attended as a submitting director, so I put together a little Survival Kit that I hope will help me represent myself and my film. Please let me know if I forgot anything!

SNAPS #4: Final Shots

These are the final snaps I’m showing; any more and I’ll give away too much of the story and, well, that’s not what I want to do.  These shots feature Branden Goodman (high school senior RALPH) and Jordan Frank (high school freshman SCOTT) trying to get along with each other in the midst of a crisis. Remember, these are screengrabs from raw footage with no effects or color correction.

Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c) 2010 James Tuverson
Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c) 2010 James Tuverson
Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c) 2010 James Tuverson