The Power of Infographics

Infographics are just amazing. The key is to communicate a lot of useful information at a glance, in a simple format. Sounds easy, huh? It’s so not! I think Infographics has really developed into an art form and although we seen infographics in action for years, it’s become SO POPULAR, probably because there’s so much great information to communicate.

There are lots of great places to find out about infographics online; I wanted to post one I thought was really cool. It’s by an artist named Anna Vital. Her style is so simple yet so unique. Here’s one of her infographics that really captured my attention:

Copyright by Anna Vital
Copyright by Anna Vital

I found this on a website called “Funders & Founders”, check it out because Anna explains this cool infographic and you can see a bunch of her other work on there, too.

I’m not such a great artist, but I also made an infographic which is in a format that’s easier for our non-artist friends to get behind:

James Tuverson’s Film Festival Survival Kit!

Again, the key is to communicate a lot of information at a glance, preferably in a fashion that’s somewhat entertaining, or at least, super-clear to understand.