The Incredible “Retracting Zombie Jaws”

One of the “stars” of the short film “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” is a set of Retracting Zombie Jaws that cause innumerable problems for the teenage heroes. Yes, the Zombies in this film have a genetic mutation a la “Aliens”, where their zombie jaws can extend out of their mouths to bite an unsuspecting victim. Here’s the history of the jaws effect, and if you wanna see the jaws in action, check out the complete 10-minute short film by clicking here!

“Zombies Take The Schoolyard” Gets Into The Spooky Movie Film Festival!

YEAH!   “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” got accepted to screen at Spooky Movie: The Washington D.C. International  Horror Film Festival, to be held  October 21-25, 2010. Our screening time is Sunday, October 24 at 2pm, at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Fairfax, Virginia. The festival website is here and the entire festival program is here. I’m planning to go check it out!

FINISHED: Zombies Take The Schoolyard

Submitted for your approval. An acid rainstorm has turned everyone at the high school into zombies except senior Ralph (Branden Goodman) and freshman Scott (Jordan Frank). They find their only sanctuary is a dank janitor’s closet on campus. With their teenage now-undead friends clawing at the door, who will make it out to spark the Resistance? Full 10-minute movie is available for viewing here.

SNAPS #4: Final Shots

These are the final snaps I’m showing; any more and I’ll give away too much of the story and, well, that’s not what I want to do.  These shots feature Branden Goodman (high school senior RALPH) and Jordan Frank (high school freshman SCOTT) trying to get along with each other in the midst of a crisis. Remember, these are screengrabs from raw footage with no effects or color correction.

Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c) 2010 James Tuverson
Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c) 2010 James Tuverson
Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c) 2010 James Tuverson