The Power of Infographics

Infographics are just amazing. The key is to communicate a lot of useful information at a glance, in a simple format. Sounds easy, huh? It’s so not! I think Infographics has really developed into an art form and although we seen infographics in action for years, it’s become SO POPULAR, probably because there’s so much great information to communicate.

There are lots of great places to find out about infographics online; I wanted to post one I thought was really cool. It’s by an artist named Anna Vital. Her style is so simple yet so unique. Here’s one of her infographics that really captured my attention:

Copyright by Anna Vital
Copyright by Anna Vital

I found this on a website called “Funders & Founders”, check it out because Anna explains this cool infographic and you can see a bunch of her other work on there, too.

I’m not such a great artist, but I also made an infographic which is in a format that’s easier for our non-artist friends to get behind:

James Tuverson’s Film Festival Survival Kit!

Again, the key is to communicate a lot of information at a glance, preferably in a fashion that’s somewhat entertaining, or at least, super-clear to understand.

Screenwriting Portfolio

Graphic Spread for BlogHappy Wednesday! I’ve been working on a screenwriting portfolio, a document that gives an overview of my completed feature screenplays including loglines, summaries and sample scenes from each screenplay. I’ve also included some graphics I’ve put together to help visualize the story. I’m not a graphic artist so please don’t measure the quality of the writing by the artwork!

James Tuverson Writing Portfolio

Happy New Year.

JT Headshot June 2016
James Tuverson, June 2016


Yeah, I know. It’s not really an official New Year, but hopefully for me, it’ll be a New Start. I look back at all the times over the past few years that I resolved to keep up with this blog, resolved to keep the content consistent and interesting, and every time I failed to do that. But every time I also came back and tried it again, and that’s what I’m doing now.

When I started this blog it was all about my projects in entertainment. I’m probably not gonna write so much about that now because nothing ever happened with any of them and I’m gonna have to find some new passions to grip me and keep me going. Oh, and I need to make a living so there’s that I need to deal with. So who knows what I’m gonna be writing about from here on out. The blog posts of mine that have gotten the most views seem to do with “Following Your Dreams” and “Never Give Up”, so I’ll probably throw a few of those in there. But I guess I’ll also need to figure out a Dream for me to Follow and Never Give Up on.

It’s ON — The 48-Hour Film Project!!

48 Hr logo

I’m really excited to announce that I will be part of a team that’s entered the 48-Hour Film Project competition in Los Angeles to be held this year on August 7-9. The 48-Hour Film Project challenges its contestants to Write, Film and Produce a short film in exactly 48 hours! Contestants draw the genre of the film out of a hat (is it a REAL hat? I’ll find out!) and then are given several elements that must be present in the finished film, like a character, a prop or a line of dialogue. The result is a totally sleepless weekend AND a new short film to round out the Summer!

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Love this quote from Pablo Picasso, but…


…what’s kinda ironic is that Mr. Picasso never “gave it away”; he was a renowned (and therefore well-paid) artist throughout his entire life, unlike other artists who struggled unrecognized throughout their lives and didn’t become “famous” ’til years they were in the grave.

The sentiment is solid, though.

Be happy when you find your gift. Be gratified when you can give it away to others. But be very, very grateful when you can make a living with your gift.

Never Give Up

I’m coming back, and I’m stronger than ever. I’ve tried being a lot of things over the past few years– a single father, a screenwriter, a film producer and a marketing guru, just to name a few. I’ve succeeded on some levels and I’ve totally missed the mark on others. But goddammit, I’ve never given up trying and I’m not going to stop now. So I’m re-igniting my blog, my place to write about stuff that matters to me, and maybe it’s stuff that matters to other people too but I’m not writing for them. I stopped writing for a long time. And now, today, July 14, 2015, I’m starting again.

Because I am a writer.  And writing it what writers do.