Cast-er Blaster: “Mother’s Day” Auditions, Day 1

Just a few of the talented folks who auditioned today for “Mother’s Day.”

    Wow, what a day it was! We auditioned about 50 talented actors today to fill the roles of the family featured in our latest short film, “Mother’s Day”, to be filmed in a few weeks. Casting directors Jan Glaser and Maggie McClean heralded an army of candidates to our casting facility and we spent the day going over the script and interviewing actors to fill the roles. Of key importance in our minds was finding a young boy to play Alex, the primary role in our film. The character of Alex needs a definite balance between youthful exuberance and a sense of an “old soul” that isn’t easy to find. Jan and Maggie did a terrific job of finding candidates that had the qualities we are hoping to see for not only young Alex, but his Mom and Dad as well. I’m not going to tell what the film’s about, that would be giving it away. But we did get some excellent feedback from the auditioners today about the story and that made me feel extra good, ’cause I wrote it! We have another full day of casting on Monday, so hopefully our little imaginary family will come together soon and we can get to the hard work of preparing for a shoot in, what, two weeks…??

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