Birth of a Production Company: Roughsketch Films

I’ve finally done it–I’ve established my own production company, Roughsketch Films. I’m excited as all get-out about the project and will be documenting the entire adventure right here on my trusty blog for all to see and read about. Roughsketch Films will produce and distribute content for the Internet on a dedicated video channel, launching with comedy shorts developed by a sketch comedy troupe I’ve assembled. After weeks of auditions and interviews, I’ve found an amazing group of talented actors and writers willing to combine forces, work with available (highly limited) resources and see if we can create an entertainment brand that’s a little better than anything else out there. I’ve kept it kinda quiet ’til now, watching and waiting to see if there were any convenient reasons for me to back out and forget this entirely… and damn if things just didn’t keep getting better and more interesting where I’ve decided to dive in head-first and see where this goes. We’re planning our first productions in November and the key will be to build an infrastructure where we can create content CONSISTENTLY: our working mantra will be “Write in a Week, Film in a Day, Get It Up on The Web”. I’ll let you in on the whole process I’m going through, from setting up the LLC and learning the ropes of running a company to profiling some of the amazing, highly-talented people I’ve been lucky enough to convince to give this a try. I’ll discuss the in’s and out’s of building and promoting an Internet Video Channel–yes, YouTube is the big one but there are numerous others filling the competitive landscape. I’ll document the process of building and establishing the brand, as well as keeping it alive through website presence and social marketing. It’s a big job, but with my team by my side, I’m ready to take it on. So stand by… Roughsketch Films is On The Air!¬† And PS: This is my 100th Blog Post. Whoo Hoo!

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