Washington DC Shorts a Smashing Success!

Me in front of the Capitol Building

Hey Everybody! Sorry for the delay in posting about my fun and exciting trip to Washington DC to attend the screenings of my short film “Heart Says It All”. It was a blast, but I needed a few days after returning to catch up on Life and get back in the groove. The film festival was amazing,

David Eagle and I at DC Shorts Film Fest

festival director Jon Gann and his staff made us feel so welcome. I went with my director and producing partner David Eagle and his wife, Nancy, who is an Attorney and VP at NBC/Universal. The film’s star, Ali Eagle (also David and Nancy’s daughter), took a break from her studies at NYU to attend one of the screenings as well. Security was incredibly high in Washington DC during that 9-11 Anniversary Weekend, with cops with machine guns and dogs on almost every corner. I sure felt safe, though. We had over 300 people attend our three screenings and they were enthusiastic audiences! It was really a perfect way to wrap up this short’s festival run. The short was nominated for an award too! We didn’t win, but we were thrilled to even be in the running! While on our trip, we resumed discussion on our next producing project, a dramatic short I wrote called “Mother’s Day”. We stalled production on this during the summer and now hope to pick it up for filmming in December.

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