Suspense Drives the Tension in “Apocalypse Diaries”

Excellent review of the webseries “The Apocalypse Diaries”, which I produced with director-producer Clea Frost through our production company, Webovision TV. The review is here. Reviewer Lance Trachtenberg writes that The Apocalypse Diaries’ “suspense-laden storyline drives the tension meter up” and “each tension-steeped episode proves it.” Now that’s some sweet reviewing! You can view all 8 episodes  of “The Apocalypse Diaries” by going to the website right now! Scroll to the BOTTOM of the page and watch the episodes going UPWARD (the last one is on the top–don’t watch it first!) This was the first web series we filmed with my Canon HFS100 HD camcorder, which was perfect for the effect Clea wanted to achieve. Yay Doomsday!

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