“Truth or Die” at the Sacramento International Film Festival

 Happy to announce that my short “Truth or Die”, which has been translated in Swedish and produced by director Tom Grejs, will have its U.S. debut screening at the Sacramento International Film Festival on Saturday, April 16, at 12 noon. Details for the event are here and what’s extra super cool is that the festival used a screenshot of the film (which, by the way, is called “Sanning Eller Död” in Swedish) on the main festival page to introduce the International Shorts category (it’s the 5th photo in the slideshow.) Ah, the little triumphs are important too. So I’m jazzed and trying to get up there for the night. Anyone wanna have a slumber party with 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a leopard gecko named Kyle? Heh heh, that one never gets old.

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