Finally, Some News!


Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay in posting–there just wasn’t any good news worth mentioning for the longest time. You know how the holidays are, but the good-news dry spell lasted a lot longer and frankly, I was getting bummed. Fortunately things seems to be picking up and I have a few small but significant news items: “Heart Says It All”, directed by David Eagle, was selected to screen at the Beverly Hills Shorts Festival, running March 11-13. David has also agreed to direct another short of mine called “Mother’s Day” sometime this year, so I’m really excited. The short “Sanning Eller Död” (“Truth or Die”), directed by Swede Tom Grejs and translated into that language, will have its U.S. screening premiere at the Sacramento International Film Festival running April 2-15. Lastly, the short “Let Us Prey”, which has been shuffled around to several directors over the last few months, now seems to have a home with director Matthew Brewer, who plans to go into production sometime this Spring. All in all, a good bunch of news after a long, cold winter.

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