Festival Updates and Such

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about the Sacramento Horror Film Fest; it was great fun. I was waiting for a guy from the fest to send me pictures he took of me up

Let's hear it for Shorts Program #2!

on stage during the director’s Q&A but that didn’t happen so I’ll report without them. I flew up to Sacramento on Friday Oct 22 in the early a.m., with plenty of time before our 5 p.m. screening of “Zombies Take The Schoolyard”. I connected with festival Founder/Festival Director/Programmer/Head of Staff Tim Meunier, got some flyers and headed out to rustle up horror fans to check out the festival. Our block had a smallish but very vocal and encouraging crowd, so I am very satisfied with how things went for our premiere. People seemed to like the film and had questions about it, which I answered in a Q&A right after the film screened. I met some very talented directors who screened their films at the festival, including Todd Miro with his excellent short “Enter The Dark” (Todd has an awesome blog you should check out too, with many insightful articles worth reading: two favorites are “Teal and Orange: Please Stop The Madness” and “M Night Shyamalan and the Career Arc of a Director”.) Also met director Craig Sabin (who himself starred in the 80’s cult horror flick “Slime City”) with his extremely well-done short “Super Sex” which can be seen along with other clever shorts on Sabin’s website 5-Minute Horror. I also met director Matthew Roth, who was there screening his festival-favorite feature film “The Man Who Collected Food”. These guys all represent the next generation of film directors and I am certain you’ll be hearing their names more in the future.

Just a few quick updates: my ultra-dark comedy feature screenplay “The McSatans” won an “Official Commendation” at the Yosemite Film Festival last weekend; I’m not sure what that is but I’m honored and thankful nonetheless. The script is also a finalist in the screenplay competition at the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival coming up in mid-November.

"The McSatans" has been Officially Commended


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