Big News! “Loose Lips” Option Finalized!

I am really excited to announce that my action short screenplay “Loose Lips” has been optioned by Honolulu-based director Shawn Booth for production in 2011.  Shawn has a ton of credits as a working DP and director, including “Lost” and his own films.  He also shot the hilarious Rob Scheider film “Naked Dawn”, and the trailer is worth checking out here .  At seventeen years of age, Shawn began his shooting career as a combat photojournalist in the US army, capturing Bosnia in 1994-95. Further educated at Tisch, Booth began working on Hollywood productions in 2000 as a production assistant on William Friedkin’s  “The Hunted”.  The Texas native has also worked on such films as “SWAT”, “Thirteen” and “National Treasure”.  From commercials to music videos, Shawn has worked with talented professionals such as Kevin Kerslake, Tony Kay and Sam Bayer. During the 2007 Writer’s Strike, Booth worked his way to life in Hawai‘i and worked on the 2nd unit for ABC’s “LOST”.  In early 2008, Shawn aggressively began painting with light to sweeten his compositions, moving up from operator to director of photography.  He consistently strives to capture the story within every frame while maintaining the director’s vision.  He found “Loose Lips” on, which is where I post all my shorts for producers and directors to review. Here’s a short logline of the story:  “Sean McAffee, an America graduate student who speaks fluent Arabic, struggles to find his place in the world. When he overhears a conversation between two men planning an imminent terrorist attack, he must use his wits to uncover the plot and defeat the terrorists without getting killed himself.”  Shawn plans to shoot at least part of “Loose Lips” in Los Angeles, and I’ll provide more details as they come in. Good luck Shawn!!

concept of the title treatment

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