List of Film Festivals for Short Films

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  I’ve been submitting “Zombies Take The Schoolyard” to a few festivals (a PDF list is here) and conceptualizing the marketing program should we be lucky enough to be accepted. I am eager to screen this film and have chosen a variety of festivals from the smallest to the largest, and included fests from all over the world. A lot of the International fests don’t have a submission fee, so if you’re willing to create a PAL DVD and pay the postage to get it over there, you can submit. Better yet, some of the international fests will pay your way over there if you get accepted. On the domestic front, I’ve hit most of the major festivals and have included many that focus on horror. Here’s another thing people tell me–once your film has screened to positive reception, film festivals will INVITE you to screen your film and not even charge you a submission fee. Sweet!! I wanna make that happen. If we do get some acceptance letters, I’ll need to have postcards and biz cards and probably some posters printed up, too. Anyone out there have an estimate as to how many of each I would need per festival? I’m also looking for a cool giveaway item upon which we can imprint the ZTTS logo. Any ideas? I’m looking to spend less than a buck apiece. BTW, I set up a really simple website for the film at so please check it out as well as the film’s IMDB page.

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