Feature Script: The Viking Way, Part 4

The following is a continuation of the synopsis for “The Viking Way”, a feature-length fantasy adventure screenplay I wrote. Parts 1-3 are below; scroll down if you want to read them. Here’s where we left off…

Jimmy resolves to go to Jotunheim immediately. Norgaard agrees; that was his plan as well. In fact, he made Jimmy a set of super-cool dagger darts for the

Jimmy's Dagger-Darts (sort of)

 journey. Jimmy’s awed; Sven’s jealous that Norgaard made nothing for him.

As they travel, Jimmy, Norgaard and Sven meet Nadian. Initially resistant to a Druid, the Vikings see her skill with a bow and decide to let her come along.

Up in Asgard, Loki is furious that the Evil Minions failed to kill Jimmy. After he insults Frigg, she confronts Odin—why is Loki allowed to be a God? Why did Odin adopt this Giant? Odin remembers that fateful day at the Well of Wisdom. After he tossed his eye into the Well and saw the terrible future, Odin was ready to extract revenge on Mirmir when the old Giant offered a proposition. Mirmir has seen in the Well that one of his twin sons will help destroy the world, while the other will help save it—but even Mirmir doesn’t know which one is which. He proposes that Odin adopt one of the Giant boys and raise him however he wishes, for good or ill. The other twin will be thrown into the forest, where two-headed jackals will tear him apart, so he’ll be unable to fulfill his destiny. Odin agrees. Even as a young boy, Galen is cruel and mean, while Loki is just a smartass. Odin chooses Loki and watches as Mirmir banishes Galen to the forest, into the foaming jaws of the rabid jackals. Frigg gets it. Odin has to keep Loki around because he believes Loki will help save the world. When she questions what happens if Loki is the twin destined to destroy the world, Loki proclaims his innocence while muttering to Shimsham under his breath that he must kill Jimmy quickly, even if he has to do it himself.

In a grassy meadow, our Heroes—Jimmy, Norgaard, Nadian and Sven—hear thunderous hooves. Over the ridge comes a stampede of Zombie Reindeer, with gnarled horns and fire belching from their nostrils. Loki rides one, laughing maniacally.

Loki Drives a Herd of Zombie Reindeer to Trample our Heroes

With nowhere to go, Norgaard and Sven draw their swords to go down fighting: “Strong as an oak we’ll stand, until we are no more!” cries Norgaard. Nadian follows, pulling her bow: “Even as we’re trampled, I will not let myself be uprooted!” Inspired, Jimmy uses his head and comes up with a plan. He, Sven and Nadian climb on top of Norgaard and pretend to be a tree, arms outstretched like branches, standing perfectly still. The stampede instinctively splits at the “tree”, sparing them. At the last second, the Heroes are pulled underground mysteriously.

They land in a cavern, surrounded by Druid soldiers. The leader, KYLEM (50’s), is Nadian’s father. He’s King of the Druids, making Nadian a princess. Kylem is angry that Nadian has left home to keep company with Vikings. Nadian’s angry that Kylem intervened when the Heroes had the situation under control. Kylem scoffs; such things are impossible with Vikings. Silly daughter. Nadian lashes back that their quest to

Kylem, King of the Druids

 find kidnapped children of any creed is noble and her father will never trust her like he would a son. She stomps off. Begrudgingly, Kylem offers the Vikings food and rest from their journey.

Loki’s furious. The Evil Minions didn’t work! The Zombie Reindeer Stampede failed miserably! This next attempt better work or else!

At a marvelous banquet, Sven admires Nadian’s courage in the stampede and realizes they have more in common than he thought. He’s falling for her. Jimmy sees them together and leaves, guilty for letting feelings for Nadian get in the way of finding Billy.  He tries calling Odin for help and is unanswered. It seems that big bag of wind disappears any time Jimmy really needs him. They… all do.  Anyone he depends on. Jimmy tries to find his

The Turpox

way back to the surface alone.  Then the cavern shakes. Kylem and his forces abandon the banquet, ready to fight. A Turpox, with gelatinous tentacles, entangles Jimmy.

Kylem’s soldiers shoot arrows at the Turpox, but the oozing tentacles just absorb them. As Kylem is grabbed and pulled toward the Turpox, Norgaard and Sven draw their swords. They hack and slash the tentacles apart with jolly gusto—that’s the Viking Way!

Kylem refuses to thank the Vikings for saving his life, which infuriates Nadian.  As the Heroes leave, Kylem urges Nadian to abandon the Vikings, regardless of their purpose.  She challenges Kylem to help someone in need someday rather than retreating underground when there’s trouble. There’s something to be said for Viking methods. Unyielding, Kylem lets her go.

The Heroes climb the mountain that separates Viking lands from Jotunheim. Four mounted Horsewomen intercept them, claiming they were sent by Odin to carry them faster to their destination. They turn out to be Skeletal Valkries, sent by Loki to dispatch the heroes. When Norgaard and Sven are overcome by their vicious charms, Jimmy uses his darts to destroy them. Norgaard thanks Jimmy, who responds with a handshake—probably the first one ever. Sven fumes with jealousy.

Loki’s in a panic before he realizes his greatest weapon is turning the Heroes against each other. He appears to Sven, pretending to be his conscience, and convinces the boy that Jimmy is a troublemaker who wants Norgaard’s pride and Nadian’s love all to himself—a real Viking would never tolerate it. Through gritted teeth, Sven agrees.

Before reaching Jotunheim, Jimmy talks with Norgaard by firelight. Pointing to Jimmy’s runestone necklace, Norgaard says Odin is watching over them, the symbol of Odin’s Knot proves it. Jimmy tries to convince Norgaard that Odin can’t protect them; he doesn’t even know what the symbol means! Norgaard won’t hear such nonsense.

Once they get to the land of the Giants, they see Galen on stage, inciting the crowd. Above him is a cage, and within it, the kidnapped children. Jimmy accidentally gives the Heroes’ position away and the Giants ambush them. Jimmy escapes while the others are caught. Sven calls Jimmy a traitor as he watches him bail out. NEXT: THE CLIMAX…

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