Feature Script: The Viking Way, Part 1

With the popularity of “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Clash of the Titans” at the box office, I thought I’d share a synopsis of “The Viking Way”,  a family fantasy adventure screenplay I wrote which was inspired by legends of Viking lore and Norse mythology. If you’d like to read the whole script, drop me a note. DISCLAIMER: I only own some (but not all) the copyrights to the illustrations I’ve used to help tell the story. If you see something that should be credited or removed, please let me know; I just want to help visualize what’s going on.   Here’s the story…

Modern-day teenager Jimmy Svensson travels back in time to the barbaric Viking Age to help Odin, King of the Norse Gods, fight a war against evil Giants that could wipe out Humanity and the Gods themselves. Burdened by fear and lacking in confidence, Jimmy learns how he alone can make a difference and that true power lies in never giving up and achieving an inner balance that no Human, God or Giant can ever destroy.

Odin, King of the Norse Gods

ODIN (50’s) is King of the Norse Gods—the biggest, baddest God of them all.  He’s a barrel-chested warrior with bulging muscles, a long gray beard tied in battle braids and Viking symbols tattooed all over him. He wears a black eye patch, carries a fearsome spear and rules over his kingdom of Asgard. For countless centuries, no one has messed with Odin; those who do usually end up with his spear sticking out of their bellies. The Alpha of Alphas, the most popular guy in the Universe—that’s Odin.

One day began like every other, with Odin—loud, proud and boisterous—welcoming fallen Viking Warriors to his Hall of Valhalla. According to legend, Valhalla is where deserving Vikings who die in battle spend eternity doing what they love best—fighting all day and carousing all night.  Odin celebrates with his wife, FRIGG (40’s) and two sons: THOR (20’s), handsome God of Thunder, and LOKI (20’s), a spoiled Giant that Odin adopted as a boy. Being Odin’s adopted son, Loki is also a God—of Deceit and Trickery. With his gluttonous pet serpent SHIMSHAM, Loki delights in insulting everyone around him. Frigg and Thor can’t figure out why Odin tolerates Loki’s behavior—no one else would be able to get away with such insolence.

When Odin’s pet ravens are killed by the evil Giant, GALEN (20’s), in a declaration of war, Odin vows revenge: “I’ll carve out his vile heart, roast it over the acrid flames of the Netherworld and feed it to my dogs for supper!” When Frigg begs to know what’s going on, Odin tells her Giants are ready to wage war against the Vikings and the Gods themselves. The Legends foretell of a war called Ragnorak; should it come to pass, the Giants will win, annihilating all Humanity and Gods to rule over the Earth and Skies. Frigg can’t believe it: how can lowly Giants vanquish all-powerful Gods? Odin confesses his own carelessness caused such a destiny to be possible.

Galen, Leader of the Giants

As King, Odin’s job is to maintain perfect Balance between the three living forces—the noble Gods, neutral Humans and evil Giants. Many years ago, Odin was tempted to know the future—something even King of the Gods isn’t privy to. He sought out the Well of Wisdom, guarded by an old Giant named Mirmir. The Legends say if you look into the well’s water, you can see what is to come. Mirmir refused to let Odin dip his head in the water, as to do so would upset the Balance that Mirmir is also responsible for maintaining. Believing he is outsmarting Mirmir, Odin plucks out his own eye with his spear and tosses it into the well.  His wish granted, he saw that Ragnorak indeed happens. Galen has the power to smite down the Gods with Odin’s Eye—the same one Odin threw into the well in order to see the future in the first place. Galen stole it from the well and used it to harness the powers of Chaos, which threw the all-important Balance between Gods, Humans and Giants out of whack. Not even Odin can compete with such immense power.

Fortunately, Odin also saw something else in the well—a Chosen Warrior destined to help Odin, a Human hero from the future. Frigg is incredulous: Humans are just helpless lambs!  All Odin knows is his Chosen Warrior will wear a runestone necklace, and will have what Odin needs to stop the Giants. When Odin disappears in time to find him, it’s revealed that Loki and Shimsham have eavesdropped on Odin and Frigg. Loki prefers his cushy life as a God versus the brutal existence of a Giant. To protect his future, Loki decides to play both sides of the Odin-Galen conflict, to benefit from either side that emerges victorious in this upcoming war. NEXT: FLASH FORWARD 1,000 YEARS…

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