SNAPS #2: Jordan Frank

SNAPS are screengrabs I’ve pulled from raw footage. Today I’m featuring the work of 14-year-old Jordan Frank, an actor who resides in Beaumont, Texas, but has been flying out regularly to Los Angeles with his mom and sister to build his career.

When I first auditioned Jordan for the role of SCOTT, I remember privately asking the guy auditioning with him (an older guy going for the role of RALPH) what he thought of Jordan’s performance. The older guy said, “oh, I remember being like that.” And I realized, that was exactly what I was looking for… an energetic combination of youth + vulnerability + courage + “old-soul-ness.” A guy who knows what being 14 is like because he’s in the middle of it, yet has the acting chops to express sincere emotion on cue and show the changes his character has to undergo in only 8 minutes of screentime. I can tell you already, Jordan delivered, and you can see it even in snaps from the raw footage.

From Zombies Take The Schoolyard (c)2010 by James Tuverson

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