Stuff I Use: Training Videos

Every day people I don’t even know walk up to me and ask how I got so effin’ smart. After I glance around to see if they’re talking to someone else, I tell them my technical acumen’s a result of a monthly subscription I maintain with, a very cool video training website. I love the structure of this online university, where I can review high-quality videos on a variety of software applications. The site maintains great record-keeping to help me slosh through the learning modules, which can take 2-30 hours to complete. Once I’m done, I get a cool banner that links to a “Certificate of Completion” that I can proudly post online. I have the basic subscription that entitles you to watch the videos in any order, as many times as you want, for $25/month. For a little more, you get access to the training files they use in demonstrating the software. I usually prefer to use my own stuff so it feels like I’m getting work done while I’m learning. For a little more on top of that, you can order the video series for download or on DVD. If you ever need to learn software and respond well to video training, give a try. The videos are great quality and their player allows you to adjust playback speed or toggle captions. Some of the instructors are a little dopey but they all seem to know their stuff. You can see all the certificates I’ve earned by clicking on the nifty badge below: 


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