“Pretending” Locations

One of the things I discovered when creating the look of the set (with designer Brian Jainese) was that we had this cool window in the door of the closet, but one needed to be able to look out that window and not see, well, my office equipment. We solved the problem by finding a fairly high resolution photograph of a school hallway (complete with lockers), blew it up to 36″ wide by 24″ high and pasted it onto a piece of foamcore. We mounted the foamcore onto a 40″ C stand using a Cardellini clamp. By lighting the poster to approximate fluorescent lights (using Lee Filter #219 Fluourescent Green over a Lowel DP Pro Spot w/ 500w bulb), we established a pretty good illusion that there was a hallway outside the window. Take a look:

Scott looks out the window into the "hallway."
An uninvited guest appears-- still looks like a hallway.
A different POV shows it's really a poster (with me in the BG.)

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