Zombies: The Countdown Begins

Omigod. So much to do, so little time. We had a fantastic rehearsal on Saturday, and were able to capture some test footage to establish the look and feel. Both Branden (RALPH) and Jordan (SCOTT) have internalized their roles, which makes for an amazing chemistry onscreen. My DP Ross Raventos and I will spend more time this week working out some nice short DOF shots and determining how to make our little closet/room as enclosing as possible. I think we’re gonna try building an artificial wall with cardboard boxes to see if that helps. I also want to try “thickening” the atmosphere with a fog machine to see how that looks. It might be over the top, or it might be just the thing to make our janitor’s closet as suffocating as possible.

Branden Goodman as "Ralph"
Jordan Frank as "Scott"

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