Zombies: The Roles Are Cast

It’s been a grueling few days, but I have cast the leading roles for “Zombies Take The Schoolyard.” I saw 90 teenagers and young men over the last three days. Although many of the older-playing-younger actors did a fantastic job, I decided to cast Branden Goodman (19) as RALPH and Jordan

Jordan Frank
Branden Goodman

Frank (14) as SCOTT. These guys don’t act like teenagers—they are teenagers. Both Branden and Jordan have lots of theatrical experience— and since this story all takes place in one room, it’s a lot like a play that needs non-subtle energy from the actors to keep things moving. The talent, experience and chemistry all added up where I know we can create something fun that still makes an impact. Congratulations to both Branden and Jordan for their hard work, and thanks to all the other guys who came in to read. This Just In: Jordan’s uncle Michael Frank is directing a feature-length zombie film– check it out here.

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