3 Hours of Auditions to Go

Auditions for “Zombie Takes The Schoolyard” are going extremely well. I have met some fantastic actors yesterday and today, all motivated to advance their careers and make new connections. It’s great how many of them are simultaneously working on writing and directing their own stories–that can only make them stronger actors, right? I know this process has certainly made me a better writer. I really admire these actors and I’m hoping this experience provides everyone with opportunities. I’ve also learned a lot about the importance of energy and passion (and thoughtfulness) in deciding to work with an actor to fulfill a role. Showing up or at least calling if you can’t make the audition goes a long way with me. In turn, it’s my responsibility to keep these guys in the loop, not to leave them hanging. I’ve seen a lot of emotion spilled onto the camera over the last days. It is incredibly hard to do that on cue, especially with me sitting across the room. It’s my job to be encouraging, supportive and yet completely on the level so that when I say something, they can count on it. It’s cool, a little scary but I’m up to the challenge. I’m making friends now that I hope to be working on “Zombies” and many projects to come. But for now, I have 25 more actors to see before the end of the day.

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