Crazy Idea? An Indie Film Shoot Crafty Package

I’m trying to figure out how to feed my crew on the upcoming film shoot. It’s really important to have decent food on the set at all times so people keep nourished and energized. It’s not only recommended, it’s sorta required because if you have too little food or lousy quality food at your shoot, your crew will be resentful for good reason. I live in Los Angeles so there are tons of restaurants that do catering as well as craft services companies that specialize in taking care of crafty needs on the set. I’ve spent some time on the Internet, but I haven’t been able to locate any food catering that can really match my needs for “Zombies Take The Schoolyard”, a package of affordable lunches and dinners that can be purchased ahead of time, then delivered and set up at specified times during the shooting days. I only have 2 shoot days scheduled and a crew of 12, so that means I need 48 meals to keep my cast & crew happy–And that’s just too small an event for the pro crafty services, I guess. So here’s what I thought: why don’t I create my own “Independent Filmmakers 2-Day Shoot Craft Services Package”, lay out all the things I would want at the prices I can afford to pay, then take it to local restaurants and see if any of them will create the package. I know several other directors who put on 2-3-day shoots that might appreciate such a package, where everything is taken care of and all you and the crew have to do is get your dirty paper plates into a garbage bag. Take a look at what I came up with in my own version of the Independent Filmmakers 2-Day Shoot Craft Services Package and let me know what you think.

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