Zombies: Make-Up/Effects Artist Needed

I need a talented make-up artist or two to help us make up five high school age kids who will be zombies in the film. Everything will be rehearsed and filmed in a single location in West Los Angeles near the Santa Monica Airport. Experience doesn’t matter, but I prefer somone who has experience with professional quality make-up, prosthetics and blood effects. This is a no-budget 6 minute short so there’s no pay, but I will purchase all the materials needed for excellent make-up based on your recommendation. I’m documenting the entire process of directing this film here on my blog, so if you want to check out who I am and what I’m doing, go ahead and look around (nothing’s breakable.)  If you help with this project, I’ll promote you and your involvement feverishly, along with delicious, wholesome-yet-tasty meals on shoot days April 2-3, credit and web presence so you’ll always be able to point people to your work on the web. Reach me at jtuverson@ca.rr.com with credentials, availability and if possible, samples where I can see your work online, Zombie or not. Thanks everybody.

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