Zombie Pre-Production: A Blank Canvas

Here’s where I start—this is a garage-converted-to-office that must be transformed into a high school maintenance closet. The embarassing sheet covers sliding glass doors to the room’s real closet, so I have to cover them up. I have some posters and things and I may need something large to just stack up against the wall. But that comes next.

This room’s about 9×16, so I plan to build the set 9×12 and have 4 foot on opposite end of the room for lights, equipment, etc. (i.e., behind the 180 degree line.) There’s carpeting on the floor; since that’s not appropriate for a janitor closet and I plan to have a trash can slide on a wheel dolly across the floor. I’ll need something harder. Other than that, this room will rock as a fully-controllable set.

Zombies Take The Schoolyard Set #1Zombies Take The Schoolyard Set #2
Zombies Take The Schoolyard Set #2

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