Announcement– There are Zombies at the Schoolyard!

When it rains, it pours. But watch out, that acid rain thunderstorm you got caught in has turned everyone into Zombies!! I am going to direct a short film of my own with my colleagues at WebovisionTV entitled “Zombies Take The Schoolyard.” 

It’s a <10 minute comedy-horror piece that follows the exploits of two high school kids who find themselves trapped in a maintenance closet at school after the Zompocalypse finally comes. Yeah, yeah, I know, 2 kids in a room… can’t I write anything else? Maybe. But for right now, I’ve converted my back garage into a school janitor’s closet so I can control everything. I’ll be using my Canon HFS100 HD with a sweet Jag35 Pro depth-of-field adapter and documenting the entire process (if the devil in my guts will comply) right here, including pre- and post-production. If all goes well, maybe I’ll figure out how to re-arrange the garage for the sequel, “Zombies Take the Stripmall” or perhaps the brandable offering, “Zombies Take Burger King”.” Staytuned!!


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