More from “Heart Says It All”

Hey everybody!
I got some more pics and details on the making of “Heart Says It All”, the short that I wrote which was filmed by director David Eagle in early January. I mentioned that David is an Emmy Award winning director, who also directed many episodes of Babylon 5. Complete details on David’s career can be downloaded here–> DAVID J EAGLE so I am pretty excited that David’s chosen this story. We used his home for locations and it was a real family event because his daught Ali played the lead Girl (she’s an actress studying at NYU) and his son Jesse was the DoP (he’s studying film making.) I can’t neglect to mention that David’s wife Nancy helped out too, but she’s a VP on the biz side at Universal so this is definitely not her new gig! We did this shoot over a weekend and it was phenomenal. David and I have a couple other projects up our collective sleeves so let’s see if he lets me post info as it becomes available…

Jesse, David and Ali Eagle on location
Jesse & David Eagle with actor Matthew McCollum
Great top down view of the living room set. 1Kw rifa 88 softbox, too!

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