My name is James Tuverson. I am a marketing, branding and content development professional, as well as an award-winning WGA film screenwriter, director and producer. I live in Coronado, California.

This website encompasses over a decade of my accomplishments in creating brands and products, for global corporations as well as freelance content development and indie filmmaking endeavors. My expertise includes developing and launching video games, software, toys, musical instruments and filmed entertainment. I use words, images, audio and video to tell stories about interactions between people and the brands they love.

My approach and style are unique and I am attracted by challenges not often met with traditional methods. Thank you for taking a look around the site. I’m always seeking partners, opportunities and new ground that begs to be broken!

Check out my website jamesnscale.com and my YouTube Channel, James’ N Scale Train Layout Project!  You can also see my Portfolio-At-A-Glance for samples of my work.